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We Are More Than a Travel Company. We Are Partners Who Custom-Design Life-Changing Experiences   

Franci Erdmann

Travel has always been Franci's passion.  After attending school at Regent's College in London, Franci has spent a lot of time in the United Kingdom in her career as Vice President of Client Insights, overseeing her company's largest client based in London, and as Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations for an alternative energy software company with offices in the US and the UK.  For Knowledge Travels, Franci oversees business operations and strategy.

Dr. Stephen Himes

Dr. Himes taught college preparatory students for over twenty years, with a brief hiatus to earn a J.D. before returning to teaching.  Dr. Himes then earned his Ed.D. from the University of Missouri, where he published his award-winning research on the Supreme Court’s decision in Parents Involved v. Seattle Schools.  From here, Dr. Himes started developing his vision for transforming student travel:  study abroad courses for high school students.  He also works as a curriculum designer and teacher coach in Kansas City, Missouri.  

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A Difference-Making Piece Of Your Students' College Admissions Portfolio

Knowledge Travels' Study-in-Residence™ trips are the perfect "final piece" of a college admission portfolio.  More than just a trip, Study-in-Residence™ projects show colleges that students have primary and secondary research skills, can navigate big international cities, are able to synthesize tons of information into their own personal insights--and are ready to study abroad.  Knowledge Travels alumni report that the Study-in-Residence course was the topic of conversation in college interviews, and many of our former students have spent semesters and even years studying abroad because of the confidence and skills gained in our program.


Partners in Risk Management, 
Development and Outreach

Also, Knowledge Travels works with the school to collaborate on risk management and student safety.  The Knowledge Travels team engages attorneys and international experts in the field to reimagine pandemic-era student travel risk management.


Knowledge Travels also works with your school's development and outreach teams to promote their students and teachers to parents, donors, and other stakeholders.  Promoting the vision of your school is part of Knowledge Travels' core vision, and we'll give you the tools to showcase what you have to offer.


Lifelong Learners Travel

After Knowledge Travels' first trips, the parents asked us, "When are you going to do an adult version of your trip?"  Well, we took that literally, creating our adult small group Lifelong Learners trips.  Knowledge Travels designs these trips more toward luxury accommodations and bespoke experiences, but we can tailor trips to work within your budget. 


These trips are lighter on the "education" and heavier on the culture and entertainment, but they do center on a topic that will generate great conversation and lasting memories that you won't get on regular travel company trips.  There's a recommended reading list (and we can even do a live interactive Zoom before the trip!) that will enrich your experience, but our focus is curating bespoke adventures and just-off-the-beaten-path finds.


Lifelong learners don't just want to vacation; they want to discover, and that's how Knowledge Travels designs our itineraries.  We can integrate this program into your school's overall Development and Outreach strategy, with trips designed for parents, alumni, and other stakeholders.  We understand how to connect with donors and other stakeholders by helping them not just see what students are doing, but experiencing it themselves.

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