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The Suffragettes: How They Won Votes For Women

This course will deep-dive into the intersection of feminism and the modern labour movement by tracing the origins of the Suffragettes from the epicenter of the Industrial Revolution in Manchester to London, where these women engaged in legal and extra-legal means to achieve the vote. Not just the story of the Pankhursts, but also of Eleanor Marx, daughter of Karl, who wrote and worked most of his life in London. In many ways, Eleanor was her father's daughter, and we'll find the archives where the both researched and developed intellectually.

This course will explore the East End of London, which is off the tourist track---but whose history reaches into the present, the legacy of the struggles of women and immigrants (and how women of color were often explicitly excluded from the Suffragette movement). We'll meet some of the women of today who are restoring this history that the patriarchy erases from the books, to understand not just what it means to make this history live, but actually how to do it. This course is perfect not just for history classes, but also economics and feminist studies as well.

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