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A Day of Study-in-Residence

Student Travel, Designed for Your Class

On a Knowledge Travels Study-in-Residence trip, we get up at a decent hour, chat over coffee, then pack a bag for the day's adventure.  In the late morning and early afternoon, we travel the city like local explorers, uncovering hidden artifacts in museums, dusting off truth-telling papers in deep archives, engaging with eccentric experts who really know their stuff.  


For example, on this day we find the hidden wall from the Marshallsea Prison, where Charles Dickens' father was held, which permanently scarred the young Charles so much that you can trace A Christmas CarolA Tale of Two Cities, David CopperfieldGreat Expectations, Little Dorrit--almost everything that he wrote can be trace to this spot. 


Click through the Instagram post to see the rest of the day:  Eulogize Dickens at the site of his deepest trauma, find the medieval public house where Dickens performed his works from the balcony, then lunch at the historic outdoor Borough Market.  In the afternoon, a quick visit to the iconic Tate Modern for arts and afternoon tea, a session with a working professional actor in the studios of Shakespeare's Globe, then in the evening, leaning against the stage in the Penny Pit just inches away from seeing Shakespeare in The Globe.  In the Penny Pit before the show, the students' theater teacher taught them how they would use the entire space for comedic effect, and sure enough, the actors spilled into the crowd, where we became part of the show!

As you can see, in the afternoon and evening Knowledge Travels specializes in finding fun cultural and entertainment experiences just off the beaten path that the big travel companies don't do. 


Why do a quick drive-by of the Arc de Triomphe, Les Invalides, Champs-Elysees, and the Eiffel Tower, then crowd into a touristy restaurant when you can Study-in-Residence™? 


Click through the Instagram below to follow our day.  We begin the morning outside our residence in the leafy Place de la Contrescarpe before taking the Métro to central Paris to walk the Revolutionary path toward the guillotine--and we find the last guillotine in Paris along with original papers, signs, orders, and uniforms from the Revolution at the Musée de la Préfecture de police.  We come back to the residence to dress for a night out:  a delicious French dinner while sailing the Seine by the Eiffel Tower.  We return early enough to experience Paris like a local--or, at least, a study abroad student--in the cafés and shoppes outside our house in the student neighborhood near the Sorbonne.

When you return, we provide ongoing support for teachers to follow through on the learning experiences with student projects.  We can help you plan an event that showcases student work unlike anything else in the country, that presents teachers as an true experts in the field, that presents the school as a place truly dedicated to authentic, global learning.  


Click through the Instagram below to see what one of our more "academic" days looks like--that still has amazing cultural experiences you won't find with other travel companies.   

We begin our day with coffee and journaling in Charles Dickens' private garden at the Charles Dickens Museum in Bloomsbury, London.  The Museum does an all-day program for us:  We learn to curate artifacts from the Museum's professional curator, take a private tour of the home to learn how Victorians lived, we read and learn about Dickens in the very rooms where he read his stories for friends before publishing them.  A professional actor performs Dickens' own promotional script for us, then we return to the residence, dress up for a night out at the National Theatre, and find a hidden skatepark underneath the walk along the Thames on our way home.

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