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The Knowledge Travels "Study-in-Residence" ™   Model of Student Travel

Study-in-Residence™ are student trips designed to explore a large philosophical question by deep-diving into a specific, complex historical figure, event or work of art.


Rather than traditional student tourism or experiential learning, we create unique on-site educational and research experiences with academic and cultural organizations in the places where it happened.  It's like a course that immerses students not just in history, but in the culture.

In short, Study-in-Residence™ is study abroad that teaches students how to study abroad.

A Deeper Dive Into Study-in-Residence

The Question

What can we learn about the concept of history by deep-diving into Charles Dickens' creation of A Tale of Two Cities?

What can we learn about the origins of the modern world by deep-diving into Mary Shelley's creation of Frankenstein?

The Reading

We select a foundational text and supplemental readings to help understand both the Big Question and the subject of the course, with adaptable study materials for the teacher to prepare the students for the trip.   

The Journey

Knowledge Travels builds an itinerary in the topic's city, where the students will engage in primary and secondary research and learning, along cultural experiences:  An immersive residency in the place where it happened. 

The Return

Students are equipped to answer the Big Question, synthesizing the course readings and their notes, pictures, and videos into unique projects that are perfect for college application portfolios..  This is studying abroad before they study abroad!

It's Study-in-Residence. ™

Study Abroad That Teaches
Students How to Study Aboard

Dare to Ask Big Questions,
Uncover Hidden Truths

Immersive Travel for Lifelong Learners
Who Want to Dive Deeper

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